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Is the Winter season causing havoc on your skin? At this chilly time of the year, skin can get a nasty shock when a change of season hits.

With three of our very own top tips, you’ll be sure to avoid that Winter chill and keep skin glowing through the Winter festivities.

1) Cleanse, Tone, Ultrasun: Ensure skin is protected everyday with this 3-step rule.

It’s a well known fact that skin is never 100% clean and clear. It’s a tricky task getting rid of those last little traces of oil and dirt. However, the cleansing and toning of the skin helps to lighten the load of this tedious job and will evidently work to clear skin of any impurities. Now, for the most important part. The Ultrasun Face range is the perfect answer to giving skin the long lasting protection it deserves. In cold and brisk months, the delicate skin can become dry as well as sore. With built in lamellar technology, Ultrasun sinks right into the skin and locks in its ingredients and retains moisture.

2) A’kin Oils: Made with real Rosehip oil, you can maintain well nourished and hydrated skin.

Furthermore, prevent poor windswept skin getting the shock of it’s life with A’kin. As an ultimate skin saviour, you can also brighten the complexion with a Brightening Rosehip Oil. In contrast to A’kin’s other oils, this little goodie has an extra addition of Vitamin C. This powerful antioxidant works to improve overall skin tone and help boost collagen – The perfect solution to lack-lustred and irritated skin. Also, winner of the Glosscar Awards 2017 for best new skin tone corrector!

3) The Perfect Face Mask: Look after stressed out, weathered skin with a face mask to repair and smooth skins appearance.

At this chilly time of the year, it seems most of us crank up the central heating for those cosy, toasty evenings – Hence, a noticeably big rise in skin dryness. But we’ve got this covered, we have skinSense’s new Hydranet range to save the day. With a fab newbie on the scene, Hydranet’s Face Mask won’t just energise skin but will also nourish and even soothe a tight and dehydrated face. Enriched with kiwi and bilberry extract, you can further provide the skin with the essential vitamins and minerals it needs. Above all, you’ll be helping to defend skin against future skin dehydration and damage this Winter season too!