Here are some quick tips to help transition your skincare routine as the first leaf falls.

Autumn Skincare Switch Up

Oh, autumn! Time for cooler days, changing leaves, warmer clothes, and updating your skincare routine.

As we know, the change in weather calls for skincare tweaks. As soon as the temperature drops, our skin soon lets us know all about it. Some of us suffer from skin tightness, dryness and seasonal breakouts that can really put a dampener on the changing season. So, our team have decided to delve a little deeper on what needs switching up.

Opt for a booster oil

We may still be dreaming of those balmy summer days, but all that sun, chlorine, and salt can mean dull, dry, dehydrated skin come autumn. It’s time for some TLC. Always popped your moisturiser onto skin right after cleansing? Try adding a booster. Think of it as an additional skincare step to help support your skin during changing seasons. We reach straight for the A’kin’s Cellular Radiance Booster Oil, which includes 7 Certified Organic Oils. It’s calming booster restores skin naturally with both Rosehip, Echium, Pomegranate and Seabucktorn.

Crack on with a concentrate

Once you’ve soothed and smoothed your post-summer skin, it’s time to help build up your skin’s barrier before winter arrives. We’ve heard it before, but adding a richer moisturiser to your routine is a quick way to help skin out during changing seasons. If you still love your lighter lotion, just switch it up once a day and go for skinSense’s Contour Concentrate which helps to achieve a smooth, natural contour as well as giving the skin an all over added boost for the day.

Swap your SPF Lip level

Lips are often the first to feel the cold. Hello chapped and flaky! So, we like to take extra precautions and use Ultrasun’s Lip Protection all year round. We opt for a SPF50 in the warmer months to give our lips a little bit of added protection and then lower it down to a SPF30 for the colder months. We like to pop a little on our lips as a little goes a long way. Its formulation of beeswax creates a richer barrier balm and means we’re ready to pucker-up.