Summer is over *wheeps*, and the cold weather looks as though it’s here to stay. A drop in temperature can have negative effects on your skin and cranking up the central heating also contributes to this (Yes, we’ve already turned on our heating!). When sat down to discuss which skincare products to include in our Autumn Spotlight over a cup of tea, the STEAMCREAM was a no-brainer. Dry and dull skin caused by a drop in temperature is something that effects all of us, including in the Shop Skincare office. So, we wanted to use our own experience to help you keep your skin looking fab throughout the cooler months!


“It’s light yet somehow rich; gentle yet rapidly absorbed; and best of all it can be used in countless ways,” says “Smooth it on a freshly cleansed face in the morning for long-lasting hydration, or use it as a foot rub, a shaving balm, a face mask or even to calm heat rash – there’s nothing this little pot won’t come in handy for.”


STEAMCREAM is a multi-purpose moisturiser packed with wonderful botanical ingredients including: lavender, sweet almond, neroli, cocoa butter, rose, chamomile, jojoba, orange blossom, and oats. There are also 12 natural active ingredients including raw plant extracts and essential oils, which work to eliminate dry skin.


















First of all, let’s talk packaging! The tin that STEAMCREAM comes in is cute and quirky, and we’re all about that here at Shop Skincare, we love products that are a little bit different. It’s also great if you’re an on the go girl, just throw it in your bag with no worries of it leaking or bursting!





Obviously, pretty packaging can draw you in but if the product inside doesn’t cut it then you will be left disappointed. Don’t worry – STEAMCREAM isn’t one of those! It contains raw plant extracts and essential oils, and is perfect for nourishing your skin in the winter. You can use it under make-up as a primer or on its own, either way it will leave your skin hydrated for the entire day!


STEAMCREAM is the gift that keeps on giving, it can be used for all sorts of things:


  • Face mask
  • Hydrate the ends of your hair
  • Make-up primer
  • Face, hand and body moisturiser
  • Soothe itchy skin