It's time to overhaul our make-up routines!

Back to Work Essentials

It’s back to work time, which means it’s time to overhaul our make-up routines and check we’ve got all the essentials in our kit.

(Pencil or make-up?) case

Firstly, all beauty goodies need a case to keep them in, and we love the cute, glitzy cosmetic bag from Judith Williams. The Live Your Dream bag is especially roomy, glam and a great home for your beloved make-up goodies.

Pencil & pens

The most important items in any back to work kit are pencils and pens. This is why we’re selecting one of the best for your make-up collection. Generally, pencils are best for eyes and for looking like you’re on top form after the Christmas and New Years shenanigans. Genie’s Superglide Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in black instantly transforms your lash line to a darker, richer and thicker appearance, all giving the impression of vibrant and awake eyes without the risk of smudging or looking tired.

Pencil sharpener

No pencilcase is complete without a pencil sharpener, and there’s no better tool than Lord & Berry’s Sharpener in jumbo and mono size. Each paired to a small or large sized pencil you have in your case, it’s able to sharpen those little and large eye and lip pencils to create a subtle or dramatic make-up look.


Everyone loves an array of highlighting pens so why should our make-up highlighter be any different? Genie’s Transforming Highlight Wand Duo is perfect for treating skin with natural botanicals and actives for repair. And speaking of fixing things, sometimes we all need to erase make-up mishaps. This highlighting wand of course illuminates and enhances targeted areas but also works to cover any extra smudges of make-up that come when precise make-up application goes wrong.

Art brushes

When it comes to starting a new school year, you wouldn’t forget to buy your art brushes, so why would you do the same for your make-up collection? Choose from our variety of EcoTools brushes that are armed with a mission to make us look beautiful. You can feel just as good on the inside knowing your brushes are environmentally friendly too.