Stay Fully Protected on Race Day!

Stay Fully Protected on Race Day

When we go out for a run, we’re likely to remember our phones, our gels and our headphones. But, how about the sun cream?

Runners are used to being out in all conditions. Whilst trainers for long distance running are a serious thought, we don’t think equally about sun protection. And it’s about time we should! Being out in the sun for a couple of hours is all you need to trigger the beginnings of serious sun damage. You’ve slept well, are carbo-loaded and dressed for success. You’ve even got the perfect running shoes, a technical t-shirt, shorts, a light-weight breathable jacket. Got a comfortable drink carrier in your hand, check! But are you protected from the sun?

Not many of us think about it as part of our pre-run check list. It’s just as important to keep your skin protected on a long distance run as it is when you’re on a sunny beach.

Did you know that up to 90% of the sun’s rays can still penetrate through clouds? Leaving runners very much at risk during overcast days. Although the sun is especially strong when the sky is blue and there is not a cloud in sight, damage can still be done. Even the smallest amount of sun exposure can add up quickly, causing serious long term damage to the skin. It’s important to protect all body parts which may need a high level broad spectrum UVA and UVB sun cream. Additionally, sensitivity to UV damage increases as you get hot and sweaty making sunburn more likely.

Swiss Professional sun protection brand Ultrasun gives great results! You’ve got long lasting, high level, water resistant protection during and after sports, towel drying and showering.

A few words from Managing Director of leading Swiss Sun Care Brand; Ultrasun – Abi Cleeve.

“A good sun protection should not only have UVB (SPF) but also UVA protection. Always apply sun protection to cool, clean, dry skin in the shade. Ideally indoors, waiting around 15-30 minutes before going into the sun. If applied in direct sun-light, the sun cream can evaporate before it has a chance to bond with the skin and therefore, becomes less effective.”

 Take your pick from the Ultrasun Sports Collection:

  • Sports Gel 20, 30 or 50 SPF: Super easy to apply, it’s fast absorbing, non-greasy texture is ideal for those who also prefer a gel to a cream.
  • Sports Spray 30 or 50 SPF: This colourless spray is super easy to apply, just a few spritz of this goodie and you’re covered!

These hypo-allergenic, fragrance free, non-greasy formulations are sweat resistant and will also help to prevent prickly heat. Ultrasun is easy to use and fast-absorbing not taking up time or being a hassle. The less you need to deal with on race day, the better!