What are your bedside beauty essentials?

Bedside Beauty Must Haves

We speak for a lot of people when we say we have a few products on our bedside table, right? Without those beauty essentials, we wouldn’t be able to complete the last steps of our routines with ease.

Read on for our beauty must haves as a key reminder to finish your routine before getting some sleep.

Handy hand cream

Winter and dry skin come hand in hand at this time of the year. And quite literally on our hands too, so this is the time you need to have access to a hand cream the most. And what better place to remind yourself to apply a dollop of moisturising hand cream than on your bedside table? We like to keep Judith Williams Royal Collagen Hand Cream at bay for this exact reason. Formulated with special marine qualities, the deep sea algae and collagen supreme combination protects and adds moisture for a super treatment before bed.

Moisture mists

Most of us enjoy an extra five minutes in bed before waking up for the day ahead. We like to check social media but we know time is slowly running out before we have to crack on with our skincare routine. A’kin’s Moisture Rich Rose Mist Toner comes in handy here. For a little spritz to wake us up the rose mist cools, tones and restores skin’s hydration, meaning you can freshen up without leaving your bed. As an additional tick off the list, this bedside essential also prepares skin for the upcoming skincare routine ahead.

Lips gone balmy

After a long and very frightfully cold day, you’re finally snuggled up in bed reading one of our latest blogs when you’ve realised your Ultrasun Lip Protection is in… Your handbag. You’ve now got to gain the will power to leave your cosy bed to firstly find your bag, then scramble through it to find your trusty lip companion. Don’t be caught out, leave a spare Lip Protector on your bedside table to avoid such an issue. Its Vitamin E and blackcurrant seed formulation makes for a smooth and easy application for an easy top up before and during the night.

Ways to water

You might wonder why water is on the list, well firstly you never know when you will get thirsty through the night. Second, water is one of the essentials for beautiful skin. Having a glass of water on your bedside table can maximise the amount you drink through the night, and we guarantee you’ll see the effects on your skin.