Bestseller, booster or brightener? Have your pick...

Bestseller, booster or brightener? Have your pick with A’kin.

Find your best-suited beauty weapon with A’kin’s oils.

1) The Bestseller: Certified Organic Hydrating Rosehip Oil 20ml or 45ml. RRP: £18/£32.

Always on the lookout for a product that gives the best results with the least effort? Us too! This bestseller is the answer. Widely known for specialising in organic, authentic and natural oils, A’kin’s aim of delivering a combination of the purest oils is not something that was done overnight. As it happens, the Rosehip Oil was born.  

2) The Booster: Cellular Radiance Booster Oil 20ml. RRP £20.

Confusing name right? We think so too. Let’s sum this up – Boost skin’s radiance by stimulating skin’s cells. Easily done with A’kin’s Booster Oil. We’ll even let you in on a little secret. It’s clinically proven that skin’s texture, firmness, tightness and elasticity is improved.

If the Booster Oil is good enough for a laboratory study, it’s good enough for you, isn’t it?

3) The Brightener: Brightening Rosehip Oil with Vitamin C 20ml. RRP: £24.

That’s right, it doesn’t just brighten skin, but after about a week of using it, skin adjusts to the consistency of an oil. Before you know it, you’ve got a really lightweight Rosehip Oil on your hands (or on your face – wherever you prefer). Lightweight enough that you could wear it during the day or for a quick top up on the go. This luscious Rosehip blend of macadamia oil, ascobyl tetraisopalmitate (a form of oil soluble vitamin C) and rosemary extract means skin’s complexion will be brightened and skin left hydrated. 

We’ve got 2 A’kin treats for you. The choice is yours.

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