Our favourite neck & décolleté cream

Don’t neglect your neck!

The skin on your neck and décolleté can be a tell tale sign of ageing. But with so many options to choose from, how do we decide?

The final choice of your next cream can almost be overwhelming. We’ve dug a little deeper into what product works for us in our Shop Skincare office. From using in-office during our lunches to comparing ingredients and reading product approaches, we’ve done the research for you. The science behind products is far easier to understand than we originally thought. With so many products out there perfect for lifting saggy skin on your face and neck. We’ve found one that stood head and shoulders above the rest.

Our Finalist: skinSense’s Hydranet Replenishing Neck & Décolleté cream

To combat the challenges the neck and décolleté face, skinSense’ Hydranet Replenishing Neck & Décolleté Cream is our number 1. Just like the skin on the face, the skin on the neck and décolleté is a vulnerable region that shows the usual signs of ageing: fine or deep-set lines, loss of elasticity, dryness and discolouration from sun damage. Therefore, we’re in need of something quite powerful to overcome this.

The science behind skinSense

skinSense’s innovative lamellar technology delivers antioxidants that the skin needs to fight external aggressors on a daily, even hourly basis by taking them deeper into the skin. These clever structures enable the healthy ingredients to remain within the skin’s layers throughout the day. By encouraging these powerful active ingredients, it delivers hydrating and protective action for beautiful skin all day long.

What are the benefits?

  • Lamellar Technology – Locks in the active ingredients through the skin layers for more effective and longer-lasting results.
  • Hydrating – Created with Hydra-Protect Complex, a combination of hydrating ingredients such as Barbary Fig Seed Oil and Hyaluronic acid to maintain moisture levels
  • Protecting – Protects against external aggressors, both air and water-bourne pollutants (UVA, pollution, diet, infrared A.

Another benefit of buying skinSense’s Hydranet Replenishing Neck & Décolleté

You’ll be happy to know that this is FREE when you spend £40+ on the skinSense range. With 100’s up for grabs, get yours before they go!