Embrace Veganuary With A’kin

Embrace Veganuary with A’kin

Thousands of people have pledged to go vegan this January as part of Veganuary challenge. However, going vegan is now so much more than just changing what you eat and drink. Committed to using only purest of ingredients while being 100% natural, A’kin are vegan and cruelty-free, and most importantly are here to make Veganuary a little easier.

Embrace Veganuary and up your game by adding these little gems to your beauty regime:

First up, we have our absolute Shop Skincare fave! A’kin’s Micellar Water is the perfect purifying go-to for cleansing skin. With a pH balanced, soap free cleansing water, you know you’re doing the right thing. You’ll cool, soothe as well as refresh the face with a rich combination of organic coconut water, green tea, cucumber and lavender. Best of all, it gently yet effectively lifts away make-up and impurities. Even better, we’ve got both a small or supersize bottle for you. A 150ml size costing just £12.50 and a supersize 500ml for just £25.00, take your pick and stay green with A’kin.

Now for the hair, the perfect addition to fit right in with Veganuary:

Enhance natural softness and shine for just £12.00! Discover beautiful, healthier looking hair with A’kin’s Rosemary Shampoo. This shampoo is delicately enriched with rosemary, cedarwood and certified organic lavender oil to leave hair Before you know it, you’ll have a natural shine, as well as improving hair manageability. Naturally, your hair will feel silky smooth whilst playing your part in Veganuary too.

Fight against cracked hands and replenish skin the natural way with A’kin:

Enriched with jojoba, organic lavender and shea butter, this hand cream could be the answer to your prayers. This rapidly absorbing cream soothes as well as nourishes hands and nails for long lasting protective moisture. Hands will feel soft, supple and intensively hydrated for only £12.00. Bet you didn’t know you can also use this little goodie on your feet too! Be sure to prevent dry feet and cracked heels all day long with the help of this handy cream. Apply just before bed and watch the results for yourself – We promise it works!