School's Out! It's time to stay protected.

Find Your Summer SPF

School’s out. Kid’s out. We’re out. Finally, it’s time for the summer holidays! It’s time to get your beach towel out and enjoy the long days of soaking up the sun. Whether you’re on holiday or heading to the beach, you’ll need to find the perfect SPF to suit you.

This is the time when many of us are restocking our sun cream supply. But with information about SPF, UVA and UVB protection, it’s easy to get confused. So, here’s a quick rundown of everything you’ll need to know to make the right sun cream choices.

What is SPF?

After delivering Ultrasun across the UK, we thought it’s about time we found out what exactly all of these acronyms stand for. It is however really quite simple. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor… Obviously! It tells us how long we’re able to stay in the sun without burning.

 How high should your SPF go?

Swiss sun care experts, Ultrasun recommend varying your levels of protection from a SPF 20, 30, 50/ 50+ to keep you sun safe. Depending on your skin type and how much protection you’re looking for, this really is something to think about. As a long lasting product, its UVA filter protects at over 85% throughout the day. With a minimum of 85% UVA absorbance in the SPF 20, there’s 90% in the SPF 30 and 95% in the SPF 50+.

UVA & UVBs. What does it all mean?

The acronyms are back! We’ve taken SPF on board, easy enough, right? Let’s take things up a notch and explain what UVA and UVB rays are. UVB rays are responsible for burning as well as tanning your skin, note the ‘B’ for burn. While UVA rays won’t actually cause sunburn, they’ll penetrate your skin more deeply, leading to those dreaded signs of ageing, wrinkles and age spots. So think ageing when you see the ‘A’ in UVA and burning when you see the ‘B’ in UVB.

What to look for in a suncream:

Look for sun creams that contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide for all-round protection against UVA and UVB rays. Not forgetting products that use phrases like multi-spectrum, broad spectrum or simply UVA/UVB protection on their sun cream bottles. We LOVE Ultrasun for these exact reasons! Offering broad spectrum protection across the range, Ultrasun has over 25 years experience in skin protection and delivers long lasting protection across the board.