Ditch the redness with Genie's Colour Correcting Powder

Genie’s Colour Correcting Beauty Hack

What are colour corrector products?

The art of colour correcting can be the difference between good and flawless make-up application. As we well know fulfilling our day to day activities, we’ll need to conceal certain skin blemishes. Our traditional concealers and foundation products won’t do this alone; colour correcting products should be a staple in any make-up routine. Designed to conceal certain areas of concern such as redness, pigmentation, dark circles and sun spots, colour corrector products come in an array of shades including peach, green, purple, yellow and pink to target skin issues.

A green powder? Really?

Some of us are naturally red in the face and we need something to blend in well to counteract our red-hot complexion. Perfect for a pesky red pimple that needs covering up? A green colour corrector will help you get the job done. In addition, the green powder can be used in a primer (or mixed into your foundation) to conceal redness.

Similar to other correcting powders, Genie’s  Colour Correcting Powder in “green” transforms into clear when it touches red skin. Unlike other powders, it’s triple-milled, radiance gives you a silky finish that helps conceal and camouflage the appearance of redness. It’s perfect for spot treating our red blemishes that make an appearance when seasons change. It’s ultra-fine texture and amazing blend of light fibres gives you instant relief from redness. 

Our steps to using Genie’s Colour Correcting Powder:

Step 1: Load a small to medium-sized make-up brush with Genie’s Colour Correcting Powder. Tap the brush against the powder container’s lip to remove the excess product, because less is more when it comes to green-tinted make-up.

Step 2: Apply the colour corrector only to problem areas. We’re talking along your forehead as well as your nose; apply a thin coating of the colour corrector only to these areas. Blend the product into your skin well with the brush to ensure that it stays put. And remember a small amount goes a long way!

Step 3: Blend either a cream concealer or liquid foundation over the green colour-corrector powder. We like to use a make-up sponge here and if the corrector is blended well, it will stay in place.

Step 4: Last but not least, apply the rest of your make-up as usual and you’re ready to go.