Here are 5 tips to achieve the BEST halloween make-up at home.

The Best At Home Halloween Make-Up

 From the Queen of hearts to a glimmering mermaid, here are a few tips on how to achieve the BEST Halloween make-up at home.

Face Base:

We guarantee you’re questioning our choice in face base. But like Halloween, we like to be weird and wonderful too. Ultrasun’s Face SPF30 has moisturising qualities that doubles as the perfect primer for our make-up to go on top. Our trick for the perfect face treat – Wait up to 20 minutes before applying anything else on top to keep any make-up look in its place. 

Webs For Days:

This year we’re going for a white lashed look, this vibe will bring ghouls and ghosts to mind and is much easier than you think. Paired as a lash primer and mascara, Genie’s Million Dollar Lash Kit creates an optical illusion that’s fierce on the eyes. We’re only interested in the priming wand for now. The Lash Booster is a white beeswax based formula that promotes lash health and thicker, longer and fuller lashes. Most importantly we’ve got WHITE LASHES that look like cobwebs on our eyes. Plus, we’ve got a cracking mascara if we’re ever in need of one.

Dabble in Doll Make-up:

Opting for a scary doll this Halloween? To ramp up the child-like playfulness we like to use Genie’s Superglide Gel Eye Liner to simply draw two lines upwards from our chin to the corners of our lips using Genie’s Espresso shade. Then we enjoy adding a few freckles across the cheeks and nose to amplify the doll-like cuteness. Don’t forget to finish the look with the all too important top knot or pigtails!

Mermazing Mermaid Make-up:

Because who doesn’t want to look like a mermaid at Halloween?! Go for a little under the sea theme with Genie’s Colour Correcting Powder. The first rule of mermaid-ing: Don’t forget the scales. Simply use some old fishnet stockings over the face along with a dense stippling brush to layer and we mean LAYER Genie’s notorious green coloured powder. If you’ve used enough, you’ll have skin that’s pigmented green all night.

Do the Heart-shaped Lip:

On Halloween, your costume can be as bold as you like. So why not go all out and dress up as the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland? We’re ready for the colour. Our Lord & Berry Vogue Lipstick, in red, is perfect for adding the finishing touches! Layer the heart shape on your lips by using a thin make-up brush and voila! Here’s a little tip from us, plump the lips with our ever so popular Plumping Lip Cream from skinSense. With a special ingredient to direct blood flow to the area, the lips are left plumper as well as more defined.