Explore Genie Beauty's NEW H'eye'drator.

H’eye’drate your eyes!

We’ve all experienced our delicate under eyes looking heavier than the weight of 1000 beauty products. Here’s a little trick that can help lighten the load of our tired, baggy eyes. Take extra care of your eyes with Genie’s H’eye’drator.

Our eyes are a tell tale sign of pretty much anything. Feeling ecstatic or tired? Your eyes will let the people around you know exactly how you’re feeling. Whether it’s our eyes that do the talking, our under eyes are just as noticeable. 

The Genie Beauty H’eye’drator PLUS Eye Cream:

Who doesn’t love a fast acting, incredibly rich eye cream? New to Shop Skincare, Genie’s H’eye’drator is ideal for assisting those areas that are in need of a little TLC.  We use it for 360° application around the eyes, brow bone, crow’s feet and eyelids. It utilises key ingredients to help bind moisture to the delicate area around the eyes for a smoother, more youthful looking skin. 

Why do we need to hydrate our eyes?

The skin around your eye area is thinner and more delicate than other parts of the body, meaning it’s unable to retain moisture and is more likely to dry out. Not only can dry skin become unsightly, it’s also uncomfortable. That flaky skin can quickly become itchy, irritated, cracked, reddened, or even discoloured.  We LOVE Genie’s H’eye’drator because it nourishes the skin with its blend of anti-oxidants, natural moisturisers and extracts. Its velvet light texture is super hydrating and instantly plumps and firms our tired eyes.

How to use Genie’s H’eye’drator:

Learn from Genie innovator and brand developer, Lisa Claycomb, on how to apply and hydrate the eyes.

With a light, patting motion, apply a pea-sized amount of Genie H’eye’drator from the corner of your under eye in towards the bridge of your nose. We like to apply from as far as the corner of eye and up towards the brow bone. For best results we’ve found that using Genie’s bestseller, the Instant Line Smoother 19ml (RRP: £32.00) as a base both day and night helps de-puff and de-stress our eyes. Any excess product you have left over, use on the upper lip to reduce vertical lip lines forming or becoming any deeper. Within minute’s fine lines, wrinkles and the look of puffy areas are reduced.