Hot Topic: A'kin Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

Are facial oils really that good?

We’re exploring the whats, the whys and hows of why we should use this revolutionary product.

We love a beneficial product and face oils have several glorious benefits. The right oil can help moisturise the skin, reduce pores and even help to minimise any nasty acne that’s made a recent appearance. The key to achieving this is to find the perfect face oil for your skin. Recognising that our beloved face oils have different benefits is the first step. While some nourish the skin, others can add a noticeably healthy glow while hydrating and others can even work to lessen the appearance of red, itchy areas.

When and how should I apply a facial oil?

Apply three drops onto the fingertips and pat onto the face, focusing first on the cheeks, forehead and chin. Only do so after cleansing, exfoliating and toning and before applying a serum/ moisturiser. Then, use in upward strokes to ensure our skin is completely covered. The oil will now have a really good chance to sink into the skin.

Our favourite: A’kin Certified Organic Rosehip Oil 20ml/45ml.

It’s a breakthrough skincare product for all of us in the Shop Skincare Office. After many years of issues with facial skin, it’s no shock that most of us are definitely in need of some TLC. Along came A’kin’s Rosehip oil. We understand your hesitations. Like many others, we were quite wary of using oils too. Some T-zones already have enough oil in them to cover a frying pan, so it’s not like we need to add anymore. WRONG! After applying a few drops, it will feel slightly greasy at first and then begin to really settle into the skin. Gone are the days of red, blotchy, or oily skin.

With so many trial and errors with previous oils, we were amazed with the results. After one month, any scars had massively faded. After two months, the skin was almost completely scar free, with no sign of blemishes or outbreaks. No drying out, and no peeling, it feels as though the Rosehip Oil has locked in the moisture on our skin. Looking so fresh and healthy on the outside definitely brightened our day.

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