Feeling positive about the year ahead but maybe a little guilty about your over-indulgences? Here's some basic tips for a post-Christmas detox

Post-Christmas Detox

The festive period has been and gone, along with the Christmas dinners, wine and a few too many lazy takeaways in the days after! It’s the festive hangover that’s really taken it’s toll, and we are stumbling into the new year feeling rough, with our skin looking (and if it could, probably feeling too!) the same. In the time of resolutions and gym memberships, what better opportunity to detox and bring yourself into the year ahead with fresh, radiant skin?

Beat the bags

Too many mulled wines and brandies at your Christmas do? Your eyes are looking and feeling heavy from the late-night Christmas parties. Plus the skin around them isn’t looking too great either. You’re going to need a great hydrator which is also perfect for the sensitive skin around the eyes. Our go to will always be the Genie H’Eye’Drator. Its lightweight formula is great for brightening up your eye area and smoothing out lines without weighing you down. Just a few dabs of this miracle hydrator and you’ll be well on your way to healthier looking under eyes.

Tips for lips

For the chapped lips that come hand in hand with the Christmas season, we would have to opt for Ultrasun’s Lip Protection SPF30/50. More than just its SPF, it makes a for a great lip balm whatever the weather. With its nourishing formula to smoothen lips and prevent inflammation, I always make sure to never leave the house without it.

Change your tone

If you’re reading this, there is no doubt you will own a toner. They’re perfect for refreshing your skin after a long and sometimes stressful festive season. During this time, we set a target of resolutions and trying new things for the year ahead.  Enter A’kin Hydrating Mist Toner. Completely vegan and environmentally friendly, it’s not only great for your skin, but also for adding a dewy glow to your complexion. Enriched with coconut water, it’s great for the tight, thirsty skin that’s left behind after the Christmas time. (I’ll even let you in on a secret…it smells amazing too).

An around the clock detox

If you’re talking detox, you’re talking face masks. And when it comes to face masks, it’s tough to argue for any product other than the skinSense Hydranet Energising Face Mask. Especially developed to hydrate tired and dull looking skin, it also leaves the complexion with a healthy glow. It will strengthen, tone, hydrate, nourish as well as anything else you could possibly need to bring your skin back to its natural, hydrated self. It is almost as if it was designed for the singular purpose of the new year detox – so how could you possibly say no?