Refresh your summer skin with Genie

Refresh and destress your summer skin

After all the sun cream, sea salt and humid air, you might have summer-damaged skin that needs exfoliating.

What is exfoliation?

Exfoliating the skin is the process of removing dead cells from the outer layer of the skin using an exfoliator. There are a couple of ways to physically do this. The first involves using a skincare tool, such as a sponge, towel or brush, on your skin to displace and remove dead skin cells. The other method involves using a liquid, gel or scrub with granules like micro-beads or sugar to smooth and refine the skin… Enter Genie’s Exfoliate3.

What is Genie’s Exfoliate3?

We LOVE a good scrub, while brighter skin is certainly a perk from exfoliating; it also helps improve the health of your skin. New to Shop Skincare, Genie’s Exfoliate3 is a triple action, oil-free formula that boosts cell turnover, promotes moisture, and provides repair to ageing skin. Beautiful results in an instant with a single exfoliator.

1) Double Exfoliating Action

Working together to exfoliate and buff away dead skin cells, Japanese Pearl Powder and Broemalin (pineapple) extract are the top ingredients here. Known for minimising the appearance of dark sports and pigmentation, this rich combination gives skin a gentle, luxurious exfoliation with a gentle buff that works to lift away dead skin cells.

2) Anti-Ageing

Want results? With a peptide complex to repair the skin and the antioxidant effects of Vitamins A, C and E, it improves skin’s appearance too. This peptide complex in particular provides an action so good it repairs and helps boost collagen production. Resulting in greater skin clarity, younger looking skin and the diminished appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s favourite in the Shop Skincare office, we’re always looking for something anti-ageing.

3) Unique Dual Phase Thermo Formulation

Confused? Us too! Let’s translate this into our type of lingo. We have a one of a kind, twice occurring, hot and cold formulation on our hands. This exfoliator allows for maximum penetration of the ingredients into the skin. By warming up first when rubbed onto the skin, its cooling effect comes into action when washed off. The results speak for themselves. Your skin will be left invigorated, smoother and with a more radiant complexion.

Your skincare products may not be able to get deep into the skin and do their thang. Genie’s Exfoliate3 however can sink below the surface to make a real difference. Exfoliating your face should only take place once or thrice a week. It’s important to remember that exfoliating too often or too hard may cause your skin’s surface and strip your skin’s protective layer.

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