Get your drive on with our essentials for your summer road trip.

Road Trip Essentials

 Discover travel-friendly beauty products for the avid traveller who needs to pack light.

Conceal & Conquer

Taking on travelling for your summer adventures involves restless nights, long flights and sleeping in almost any position, chair or floor you can find. All of these factors, you guessed it, can take its toll on your face. With bags under your eyes growing increasingly darker, an under eye concealer is just the thing you’ll need! Give the illusion you slept in a 5 star hotel rather than a dodgy bunk bed in a hostel with Genie’s Line Smoothing Concealer. Coming in 3 different shades, it’ll be the most important travel essential to get rid of those dreaded dark under eye circles.

Lips, Lips, Lips

If you’re travelling all over the country, the change in climates can definitely effect your skin, especially your lips. You’ll need a lip balm that’s both natural and does not contain alcohol. Ultrasun’s Lip Protection SPF 30/50 is great for situations where you’ve neglected drinking (or had a little too much the night before) and hydrating properly while on the go or waiting to get to your next destination. As a lip balm that doesn’t contain alcohol, it won’t dry out your lips and its natural ingredients of beeswax and blackcurrant seed oils means it’s the perfect.

 Oil or Skin Saviour?

Split ends? Acne breakouts? A’kin’s Rosehip Oil is calling your name! Packing a small bottle can go far for travellers and can help mend broken hair (especially in colder climates). It also doubles, as a natural healer for acne-prone skin that may have flared up whilst changing climates, simply squeeze a few droplets on the skin and the rest is history.

Body Traveller Hack

An After Sun is 100% recommended for any traveller. With countless uses from burn remedies to a skin moisturiser and beyond, Ultrasun’s soothing After Sun comes in a handy little 100ml size that’s easy to fit in your back pack. If you’ve maybe had a little too much fun in the sun, this squeezable tube makes things a whole lost easier.

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Exfoliate & Go

Dead skin is not something you want to endure while on the road. I’m sure we’d all love a trip to the spa but travelling is expensive enough. So, a good exfoliator is a travel beauty essential that can rejuvenate your skin. New to Shop Skincare, Genie’s Exfoliate 3 can make you feel like you spent your hard-earned money on a spa day when you just scrubbed up with a little bit of Exfoliate3 in your hostel shower block.

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Hair On The Go

Essential for travel and everyday life, it’s popular amongst so many that it’s simply hard to imagine living without it. If you ask any of us what our favourite beauty product of the last decade is, you will obviously hear the words ‘dry shampoo’. Travelling can and will of course limit shower days. Enter A’kin’s dry shampoo. A necessity that gives the impression that your hair is fresh and full of volume without the hassle of washing it.