Say no to oily skin with A'kin

Say No To Oily Skin with A’kin

Wave goodbye to oily prone skin and say hello to A’kin’s NEW Oil Control Trio.

Oil taking residency on your skin?

No worries, A’kin’s NEW Oil Control Range will tackle both oily prone skin and combat sebum and secretion.

A first for the brand, the range is packed full of natural ingredients to help purify skin. It even counteracts the processes that leave our skin with excess shine and oil. Before you know it, you’ll be fighting both bacteria and oil in the most efficient way possible – It will have you waving goodbye to blotting paper forever!

A’kin’s Oil Control Trio includes:

1) A’kin’s Clarifying Cleansing Mousse – A power packed blend of natural ingredients for powerful results. With a deep cleansing blend of Sugar and Amino-Acid cleansers, this soft foaming mousse works to lift away excess oil and bacteria. Additionally, the help of detoxifying Bamboo extract, calming Ginger and even sebum controlling Flaxseed, all help skin feel clean, refreshed and healthy looking.

A’kin in all it’s glory, The Oil Control Range.

2) Have a facial frenzy with A’kin’s Shine-Free Facial Moisturiser – Promising to keep your skin shine-free at all times. Absorb excess oil with this lightweight daily moisturiser from A’kin. Sure enough, skin will be hydrated as well as shine-free. Enriched with Bamboo Powder for improved oil control, this botanical beauty absorbs skins oils for a shine-free face.

3) The Intensive Sebum Controller – Sebum? Controller? What is sebum and how on earth do I control it?! Let’s make light of this, shall we? Sebum is an oily, waxy substance produced by our body’s sebaceous glands, hence the name sebum. It coats, moisturises, and protects skin but does leave it shiny. So, that’s what the shine is, that’s sebum! Seems like it’s another accomplice to having oily skin. No problem, we’ve got just the thing to control it. A’kin’s sebum controller can help prevent breakouts and keep skin healthy. With its special powers, the controller obviously has the help of some powerful ingredients too. Enriched with Schizandra and Flaxseed extracts, oil is controlled and skin’s sebum is thinned down. You’ll even prevent pore blockage with Tea Tree extract which can cause acne breakouts, therefore working alongside to help fight acne-causing bacteria. Sounds like a winner to us!