Retinol what? Revolutionary Retinol with skinSense

Revolutionary Retinol

Wage war against fine lines and wrinkles with skinSense’s NEW Retinol Serum!

Ageless beauty made easy:

Formulated with a highly active, double encapsulation of pure Retinol, this serum is the perfect match for mature skin. Beginning to show the tell-tale signs of ageing?  skinSense’s NEW serum is key! By combining it’s own lamellar technology with Retinol, skinSense’s NEW launch is doing itself justice. Hence, constant visible results in skins firmness, bounce and elasticity.  In time, both fine lines and slackened skin will be a thing of the past.

skinSense have created the ultimate formulation:

LAMELLAR: skinSense’s serum is created in line with the rest of the range – With ground breaking Lamellar technology. Not only effective for its active ingredients, it also structures an invisible film around the active ingredients to ensure an efficient delivery into the skin’s system. Confused yet? We are too. Imagine a ‘suit of armour’, protecting it’s precious ingredients but also supporting the action of ingredients into the skin. Similar to how skin goes to war, everyday. Lamellar helps in the fight against ageing by locking in ingredients .

RETINOL: One of the very few ingredients proven to actually work. It’s all due to its ability to impressively decrease wrinkles. But, it seems there may be another miraculous benefit to the wonder ingredient. New cell turnover, no more discolouration and faded pigmentation, skin is left feeling smoother and more supple. An active concentration of 0.3% provides a powerful but protected dose of active Retinol into the skin. It’s perfect dose for both those who are new to Retinol products, as well as those with a passion for hard-hitting skincare ingredients looking for an every day goodie.

Purchase the NEW skinSense Retinol Serum for just £39 and receive a FREE 25ml Leave On Mask on us. Enjoy!