Stay sun-safe on the ski slopes!

Stay sun-safe on the ski slopes!

The slopes are the limit when it comes to skiing, but your poor face can sometimes be forgotten. As careful as we are on the slopes, skin needs looking after too.

Similar to sunbathing on the beach, skiing leaves you at risk of sunburn. It’s just as important to take extra steps to keep skin protected on the slopes. Not only is it much greater at high altitudes than at sea level, but the atmosphere is thinner too, meaning the sun can get through a lot easier. Although, the sun is especially strong when the sky is blue and no cloud’s in sight. Over 90% of the sun’s rays can still penetrate through light clouds. Leaving skiers very much at risk during ‘bluebird’, snowy or overcast days. Believe it or not, skin still needs protecting even on ‘whiteout’ days too!

Abi Cleeve has the insider scoop from the leading sun care experts Ultrasun:

“Skiers need extra protection from the sun. Both UVA & UVB are intense, especially at a higher altitude. The snow actually reflects and intensifies the sun’s rays. It can increase that power by up to 80% according to the World Health Organisation. That’s a huge amount; even the smallest amount closer to the sun makes a real difference and really intensifies the sun’s glare. Also, when you are feeling cold, and you’re mainly covered, you may not think about sunshine in the same way but the areas that are exposed, which tends to be the face, can be incredibly vulnerable. Choose a sun protection with a high SPF, at least a 30, ideally a once-a-day application, like Ultrasun. Nobody wants to take unnecessary extras when skiing!”

The Slope saviours, Ultrasun’s Face Collection:

Famed for its photostable, once-a-day application sun protection, Ultrasun offers protection against the reflection of snow and the damaging elements such as wind and cold. Ultrasun’s patented liposome technology ensures one application a day will give long lasting protection. Even high level, water resistant protection from the sun’s UVA (ageing) and UVB (burning) rays. In fact, one 150ml bottle will give protection for one person for up to one week. The ultimate amount of time to perfect your skiing skills!

Ranging from a 30 to a 50+ SPF, you’ll even find an Ultralip will do the trick! For the ultimate in anti-ageing face protection, opt for the skin-saving Ultrasun Face 30SPF/ 50+SPF. Incorporating the latest skin care research and advances, this multi-purpose product delivers high, long lasting protection with one application. Your job, apply in the morning, leave for 15 minutes to sink in and off you go!

Ultrasun Face products range from £6 for the Ultralip and from £10 to £38 depending on the product. Also available in different sizes, have your pick on what to wear on your ski travels.

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