All the tips to help make Christmas easier

The Christmas Survival Guide

Christmas Day is nearly here! In a flash, the festive day will be here sooner than you think and then be gone for another year. This time is critical for surviving the stress, magic, tiredness and joy of Christmas. To help make sure you overcome the problems that come with Christmas, here’s all the tips you’ll need to make the day a WHOLE lot easier.

The solution for sleepless nights

Long to-do lists, calendars full of festive gatherings and the busy days that come with making the 25th perfect can make it tricky to switch off. and get the good night’s sleep we need before the celebrations begin. The solution, skinSense’s Overnight Leave on Mask, this golden goodie can mimic’s the results of the perfect night’s sleep. Just apply before you go to sleep, leave on and watch your dull, tired lack lustre skin transform to clearer, brighter complexion.

Second day hair problems

When there’s very little time to prep your Christmas dinner, washing your hair is the last thing on your mind. Style second day hair with A’kin’s dry shampoo, which can instantly refresh and absorb second day greasiness. This is a scapegoat for styling the greasy hair with a French plait or the perfect Christmas updo without the powdery residue.

When unexpected occasions arise

Pop up Christmas gatherings mean we need to be party prepped at all times. A quick fix here is a killer lip to really pull off a Christmas vibe for the occasion. This year’s killer lip comes in 4 shades from Lord & Berry’s Vogue Lipstick. This matte lipstick leaves lips with a velvet-like feeling for a modern, glamorous result for the ultimate entrance.

Festivities and the stress that comes with it

As magical as we want it to be, Christmas can be stressful and some of us will need an instant relief. Stress can bring out the worst in us and a lot of us are faced with a break out when things are a bit too much. It’s Christmas morning and you’ve woken up with a great big pimple right in the centre of your forehead. Take a deep breath, give yourself 5 minutes and try a soothing essential oil like A’kin’s Brightening Rosehip Oil. This natural oil has added vitamin C to soothe spots and boost skin’s complexion.