The Derm Nurse: Beauty Recommendations


Natalie Fisher is a qualified Dermatology Specialist Nurse with over a decade of experience in the field. She practices both medical and cosmetic dermatology, both private sector and NHS, and has worked with some of the UK’s leading dermatologists. She is a member of BDNG (British Dermatological Nursing Group) and is respected by clients and colleagues for her knowledge, expertise and passion for keeping abreast of a constantly changing and developing industry. 



Well this is an honour, to be asked to write a beauty blog post for Shop Skincare! I thought it would be fun to give you my top 5 beauty items from the website, working in dermatology for almost 12 years has made me a real skincare addict! It hasn’t been easy to whittle it down to  but here we go:


5. When January arrived my resolution was to take supplements religiously. I’ve always taken supplements but I’ll often forgot here and there. Not this year! I’ve made this resolution and I’m sticking to it and I’ll explain why. Often in dermatology we become transfixed in treating the skin topically but more recently we’ve become aware of the importance of feeding the skin from within. So at number 5 is OMGTEA A Grade Matcha Supplement. Green tea is high in antioxidants called catechins which can help to deactivate free radicals. Sounds complicated but put simply free radicals damage skin by trying to take extra electrons from atoms in the skin. Antioxidants are like little soldiers fighting this and protecting your skin from aging! So if you’re into supplements, why not give these a try? SHOP HERE


4. In dermatology we have a saying ‘the only safe tan is a fake tan’. Years ago I hated recommending any fake tans because they used to smell horrible and streak terribly. However fake tan formulations have come a long way since then…..thank goodness!! UTan and Tone Coconut facial tanning water is a great one to start using in the lead up to spring/summer. It can be used as a primer or over makeup as a setting spray so it’s great if you don’t have the time to faff around applying creams and waiting for them to dry. SHOP HERE


3. I am a big advocate for beauty tools you can use at home. Sometimes salon treatments can be costly and tricky to schedule in. This is where The Hollywood Browzer steps in. I’ve been using this for months and can’t imagine not having one to hand. Yes I have hairs cropping up in less than favourable places on my face and as much as my children think it’s hilarious if I leave them to grow, I’m afraid they are whipped off the moment I can see them! The added perk of this tool is it will also exfoliate the skin, 2 for the price of 1! SHOP HERE


2. Masks have become very popular within beauty routines in recent years, we understand the benefits of treating the skin intensely using ingredients suited for various skin types. Skinsense Overnight Leave on Mask is a great multi-tasker. With hyaluronic acid, copper peptides and lactic acid this mask ticks a number of boxes. I’m addicted, this is part of my nightly routine on average 5 nights out of 7! It sits well layered over your serums and you’ll wake up with wonderfully plump, hydrated skin. SHOP HERE


1. My number 1 product is an obvious choice really, I preach about sunscreen daily as part of my work, not only from a medical point of view (preventing skin cancer and sun damage) but also from a cosmetic point of view. The sun ages your skin, why spend a fortune on anti-wrinkle creams when you aren’t wearing a sunscreen daily. Ultrasun is my go to brand. Within the range there are products suitable for my children, my (bald!) husband and myself too. If you want to make one change to your skincare regime that your future self will thank you for, then introduce a sunscreen every day. SHOP HERE