The ugly truth about not taking your make-up off

Make-up at bedtime? Nope!

We feel your pain, removing your make-up and washing your face before bed can be a drag when you’re exhausted. And it’s even worse if your signature cat eye or heavy matte lipstick won’t budge. Still, if you don’t take off your make-up every single night, you’re opening up your skin to a lot of consequences. We’re talking breakouts, irritation, and, yes, even premature ageing. As far as beauty regimes go, this one rule is SO important yet often “forgotten”.

The Consequences

Our skin’s pores allow us to sweat and to secrete sebum (a lubricant that protects and moisturises our skin). This also helps to shed dead skin cells and any other nasties from the pores. But if you don’t remove your make-up, an overproduction of sebum will clog your pores, leading to acne, irritation and infection. Yikes

Not sure where to start? Try our favourites that can help speed up your nightly beauty routine.

1. Use Micellar Water

Micellar waters have been around for years but only recently have they gained huge popularity in the beauty industry. Made up of tiny balls of cleansing oil, this combination of micelles are attracted to dirt and oil to help draw out impurities without over drying the skin. We LOVE A’kin’s Micellar Water for this exact reason. With a cool, cucumber scent that’s both heavenly and refreshing, our skin feels in top-notch condition with a just few swipes. 

2. Be gentle on the eyes

If Micellar water isn’t strong enough to get your eye make-up off then use an eye make-up remover that’s tough on removal but gentle on the eyes. Our Gatineau go-to is the ever so vibrant Floracil Plus. It’s a bi-phase formula that instantly cleanses the delicate eye area of all traces of make-up. After a long old day of having our face on, we use a cotton wool pad and manage to power enough energy to do a few swipes across our eyes. Job done.

3. Use a cleanser

Well we need something to finish off. A’kin’s Creamy Cleanser & Toner actually attracts oil, dirt and impurities without stripping your skin. There’s no need to rinse off, just apply on our beloved cotton pads and swipe over the face. We were amazed at how much excess dirt came off and it’s great for skin that tends to be drier. As a natural product, it’s gorgeous for the before bed routine and is suitable for all skin types!