Ultrasun - Sun safe and Reef safe?

Ultrasun – Sun safe and reef safe?

Protect your skin and the ocean with Ultrasun. Yes that’s right, no need to feel guilty. All Ultrasun products are reef friendly.

Whilst it’s important to protect your skin from the sun on holiday, it’s becoming more and more apparent that sunscreen is having a damaging effect to the ocean environment.

Think the plastic straws you gave up sipping from are bad for our oceans? It’s time to consider the same about the sunscreen you use. Due to this increasing awareness, it’s been found that some sun protection ingredients are having an impact on the environment.

In efforts to reduce ingredients of concern Ultrasun are free from:

  • Oxybenzone (Benzophenone-3, BP-3).
  • Butylparaben.
  • 4- methylbenzylidene camphor (4MBC).
  • Octinoxate.

And Ultrasun is also:

  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Free from emulsifiers .
  • Free from perfumes.

You’ll be happy to know, Ultrasun is now completely reef friendly. So you can feel guilt-free when you’re out in the sun and sea knowing you’re doing our reef’s a few favours. Making it a go-to choice for those amongst us that are conscious about protecting ourselves and being kind to the planet whilst on holiday! It’s great for sensitive skin, as they also prevent the onset of sun allergies or prickly heat. Ultrasun strives to continually research and invest in formulas that are the most compatible for skin protection whilst also being environmentally friendly.

Our top three picks for any holiday include:

Ultrasun Anti-Pigmentation Tinted Face SPF 50+ 50ml RRP £36.00

It’s the skincare ‘silver bullet’ that delivers targeted skincare. As well as very high UV protection, Ultrasun’s Anti-Pigmentation Tinted Face has a subtle tint for a highly effective, low maintenance routine. Offering high level protection from both UVA, UVB and Infrared A with powerful anti-ageing and targeted anti-pigmentation ingredients. Including hexylresorcinol and stabilised vitamin C, this revolutionary combination results in an even skin tone and diminishes the appearance of pigmentation in just 14 days!

Ultrasun Daily UV Hair Protector 150ml RRP • £24.00 

Ultrasun’s Daily UV Hair Protection delivers a double protection with antioxidants and a hair-specific UV filter. Protect colour and condition from UV rays, chlorine and salt water. Not only detangle sun-stressed hair but also help return elasticity and even restores optimal moisture levels. Never holiday in the sun again without this fantastic hair protector from Ultrasun.

Ultrasun Extreme SPF 50+ 100ml RRP £22.00

Delivering very high protection from both UVA (95%) and UVB (SPF50+) enjoy the sun in safety no matter what your skin type. Ultrasun’s Extreme SPF 50+ is designed for intense conditions and sensitive complexions. Formulated with antioxidants and vitamins E and B5, it contains no perfume, emulsifiers or preservatives, suitable for vegans and reef-friendly and is recommended by skin experts and prescribed by GPs for those with the most sun sensitive skin and prone to sun allergies including babies. 

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